Mayor William Truly

 Dr. William Truly was first elected mayor of Canton, Mississippi in May 2009.

Originally from New Smyrna Beach, Fla., Mayor Truly relocated to Canton in 1978, after completing medical school at Meherry Medical College in Nashville, Tenn. 

 Soon, he became an active member of the community. In 1996 he founded the Truly medical center that was one of five medical centers in Canton
Dr. Truly has long served as an advocate for justice and a voice for the people of Canton, including serving as an alderman-at-large.

During his inauguration, Dr. Truly pledged to take the “City of Lights” in a new direction by increasing economic development and seeking more industry.

Since taking office, Mayor Truly has also set out on an ambitious agenda to revitalize Canton by focusing on improvements to public safety, education and making government more accessible to citizens. 

Mayor Truly is an active participant in his community and currently serves on List of Boards.

In addition to being the city’s leader, Mayor Truly continues to practice medicine at Hospital, as the chief medical director.  Dr. Truly is married to the former Wassie Booker, and has five children.